Is Your Garage Door Stuck Partially Open? What To Do

16 April 2018
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If your garage door is stuck partially open an stuck, and you know that there are problems with the garage door, there are a few things that you want to look at. There are some things that you can look at to determine if you can fix the issue, or if you need to call in help from the professionals. Here are some of the things to look at on the unit and to examine, to see what parts are needed and if an expert is a must.

The Track is Bent

If the track that the door has to roll on got bent from a vehicle, aging or other factors, this could be causing the door to not open and close properly. You want to have the inspection professional check to make sure that that the track is in good condition, and that the track isn't out of place. If you can see that there is damage, you could speed the process by ordering the new track before the expert gets to the property.

Cables Snapped or are Fraying

Do you have a cable that snapped, or can you see that there is a cable starting to fray? If so, these need to be replaced immediately so that the door doesn't fall on someone or a vehicle, and so the vehicle doesn't get trapped inside. You can order the cables if you know what size you need and what brand you want to use with the opening system. This is something you can replace yourself if you know how to work with cables, and if you know how to do the work safely.

Rollers are Damaged

If the rollers are damaged and they can't roll, the garage can get stuck into a specific position. The rollers should be replaced every few years because they can get rusted and damaged. If you don't think you can replace the rollers or have the tools to get them off the door, get the experts to your house and have them all replaced at once.

These are some common reasons why the garage door may stop when it is halfway up. If you think that you can do the work on your own, order the parts and save yourself the service fee. If you are unsure what the problem is, what parts are needed, or if you can do it on your own, call to get professional help, such as from J & R Garage Door Company Inc..