Signs Your Car's Exhaust System Is In Need Of Repairs

2 March 2018
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The muffler on your car has an important job. It does more than just muffle loud noises; it also handles exhaust so the inside of your car doesn't fill with noxious fumes. A muffler can go bad if you bump it on a curb, or it just may wear out and rust due to age. Someone may even steal parts of your muffler or exhaust system and cause you to need a replacement. A mechanic can diagnose any problems you're having with your muffler and repair or replace it. Here are some signs that something could be wrong and it's time to let a mechanic take a look.

Your Gas Mileage Is Getting Worse

When your gas mileage gets worse, that's a signal you should have your car checked out. Even if you don't check your gas mileage all the time, you may notice you have to stop for gas more often than you once did. Several things affect gas mileage, so it doesn't always signal a problem with your muffler or exhaust system. However, when something is wrong with the exhaust, it affects your engine. When your engine struggles to maintain its performance, it uses more gas and drops your mileage rate. So, when your gas mileage drops, it might be a sign there's trouble with your car's exhaust.

You Smell Exhaust Odors Inside The Car

You shouldn't normally smell exhaust inside the car when you're driving, so when you do, it should be a sign something is wrong. The muffler normally expels the exhaust out the back of the car, but if there is a leak in the system somewhere, the fumes can waft inside the car instead. This can be an unhealthy situation, and you don't want to drive your car when you smell strong exhaust fumes. Instead, let your mechanic look at the problem so repairs can be made to keep you safe.

You Feel Vibrations Or Hear Rumbling

If something is loose in the exhaust system, you may feel vibrations in your car. Slight vibrations may be felt in the steering wheel or gas pedal. Vibrations can also be a sign of other car problems, so you'll need a mechanic to figure out the cause. When the vibrations are stronger or when the muffler is damaged badly enough, you'll hear rumbling noises coming from the muffler. Some mufflers can be very loud when they develop problems, and you won't want to drive like that for very long, or you'll irritate your neighbors and maybe even violate noise ordinances.

When you suspect your car's muffler or exhaust system is having problems, see a mechanic at a company like Suburban  Driveline Inc as soon as you can rather than put it off. The damage may escalate and cost you more in repair costs if you put off taking your car to the shop.