Top 5 Car Parts You Should Buy Used

6 March 2017
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Are you trying to save money on your car repair costs? Have you been told that used parts can save you a lot of money? Utilizing used parts can, indeed,  be an excellent way to cut down on your repair bills. However, not all parts are the same. Some parts are okay to buy used while others should be avoided at all costs, due to safety reasons. Here are some of the most common times that it's fine if you install a used part into your vehicle:

Mirrors: The actual mirrors themselves may not be all that expensive, but the electronic housing can cost a relative fortune. If either of your side view mirrors stops working, your best bet is to visit a used auto parts location so that you can locate a used model.

Rims: Although rims don't need to be replaced often, they can be expensive if purchased new. Fortunately, buying rims from a place that sells used auto parts is fine and can save you a lot of money. Depending on the type of rims that you're looking for and purchase, you could get a full set of them for less than the cost of just one brand new rim.

Alternator: Your vehicle's alternator is one of the most important parts of your car. Without a working alternator, your vehicle won't be able to charge the battery, leaving you with a dead battery and no way to start the car. Fortunately, a rebuilt alternator can be much cheaper than a brand new one and should last just as long as one bought new from the dealership. 

Transmission: If your transmission goes out, your local dealership may charge thousands of dollars to have it replaced with a brand new one. Fortunately, a rebuilt one can be just as good. To avoid issues, try to purchase a certified rebuilt transmission and not just one that has been freshly pulled from another vehicle. A rebuilt transmission should be as good as new, but one that was simply removed from another vehicle may develop the exact same issue in a relatively short amount of time.

Doors and door parts: Windows, window motors, and automatic lock parts are things that you might not think would cost that much. But if a kid accidentally throws a baseball through your driver's side window or a rogue shopping cart hits your car just right to damage the inner workings of a door, you may start to wonder how you'll be able to afford the repairs. Fortunately, your nearest used auto parts location may be able to supply you with the parts you need for an extremely low price. 

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