3 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home With Used Auto Parts

20 May 2016
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Do you enjoy artistic, out-of-the-ordinary decorating? Then you should really consider using used auto parts to decorate your home. They make some truly interesting, and even beautiful, pieces of furniture and other household items. You will be surprised at the incredible and useful things you can make with used car parts. Here are some ideas to get you started on your own auto-based decorating adventure.

1. A Car Hood Headboard

One of the simplest and coolest things you can do with used auto parts is to take the hood off of a used car and re-purpose it as a headboard for a bed. You can paint the hood the color you want to match your room, or leave it as-is for a real vintage look.

Position the hood with the curved front end at the top, pointing toward the wall. This will leave a space between the hood and the wall that is large enough to build two or three shelves for storing books, toys, or any other items that need to be put away neatly. Position your bed in front of the hood, and you have instant car-inspired decor.

2. A Car as a Pool Table

Do you like to play pool? Make your own beautiful pool table that will be the most talked about piece of furniture in your house out of an old car. This is a table you will love to play on all the time, and your friends will want to join you. Expect your game room to become the gathering place for your friends once you build this incredible pool table.

To start, you need an old, vintage car. A popular choice is a sports car, but any type of car you like will do. The best car pool tables, however, are made from cars with short front ends.

At the junkyard, have them cut the top off of the car at the level of the base of the windshield. Once you get the car home, take out all of the interior parts, like the seating and steering wheel. You can leave the engine in it if you like, but it's not necessary.

Insert the top of a pool table into the area where the seats used to be. You can get the pool table top custom made to fit the car, or look for a used pool table you can take apart and customize.

With the wheels still on the car and the paint job shining brightly, all you need to do is buy some pool sticks and balls, and you will be all ready to play on your new, gorgeous table.

3. Wall Lamps Out of Car Shocks

Car shocks are usually plentiful at the junkyard. According to Odometer.com, you can use them to make creative wall lamps in any part of your house. Because the used shocks are inexpensive, you can make every wall lamp in your house into an auto-inspired wall lamp if you choose. These lamps will certainly make terrific conversation pieces.

To make the lamp, simply unscrew the lamp from the wall. Then, slide the shock over the oblong body of the lamp. You don't even have to take the shade off of it to do this. Screw the lamp back into the wall, and you're all done. These lamps stand out simply from having the shocks around them and give your house a cool, artistic look.


Used auto parts provide endless inspiration for decorating your home. Whether you make them into furniture, smaller utilitarian pieces, or art, you will open up the floodgates of creativity when you start thinking about used auto parts as household items. Visit a used auto parts store or company, such as U Pull & Pay, today and see what kind of parts inspire you.