Electrical Supplies You Need For Your Boat

13 June 2019
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Do you need marine electrical supplies for your boat? Even if you only use your boat on occasion and during certain months of the year, there are certain electronic and electrical supplies that you need to have to make the recreational equipment safer and more fun to use. Here are things you need when it comes to the electrical components of your boat. You can get your supplies at your local auto or boat parts store, or you could buy your electrical components online or at a specialty store. Read More 

Most Important Things To Know Before Selling Your Junk Car

9 October 2018
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If you have a car that no longer runs and needs thousands of dollars of repairs, you might be better off selling it for cash than putting money into it. If you choose this option, you could get some cash for your car, and you could buy a different car that runs well and does not need any work. Before you rush into selling your junk car for cash, here are three important things to know about this. Read More 

Is Your Garage Door Stuck Partially Open? What To Do

16 April 2018
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If your garage door is stuck partially open an stuck, and you know that there are problems with the garage door, there are a few things that you want to look at. There are some things that you can look at to determine if you can fix the issue, or if you need to call in help from the professionals. Here are some of the things to look at on the unit and to examine, to see what parts are needed and if an expert is a must. Read More 

Signs Your Car’s Exhaust System Is In Need Of Repairs

2 March 2018
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The muffler on your car has an important job. It does more than just muffle loud noises; it also handles exhaust so the inside of your car doesn't fill with noxious fumes. A muffler can go bad if you bump it on a curb, or it just may wear out and rust due to age. Someone may even steal parts of your muffler or exhaust system and cause you to need a replacement. Read More 

Need A Replacement Auto Part? - Here’s How To Order The Right One

15 September 2017
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After you get word back from your mechanic and learn that an important component of your vehicle has to be swapped out, there's a couple ways you can get the auto parts you need. Either your mechanic orders the auto parts from a distributor, you find a junkyard and pull the parts yourself, or you place an order with a supplier. Whether you need a windshield wiper transmission, a catalytic converter, or a steering wheel column, there's a specific way to go about ordering the right auto part. Read More